About Sydney Bowmen Archery Club


Welcome to Sydney Bowmen Archery Club and the sport of archery.

Sydney Bowmen Archery Club is a family and disability friendly club made up of children, women and men of all ages and nationalities. The Club was formed around 1937, making it the longest running archery club in Australia.

At Sydney Bowmen we are committed to developing archers who aspire to become skilled shooters whether for competition or recreation.

So, no matter what kind of bow you'd like to shoot (crossbows excepted), or what level you're at, there'll be others at the Club who share your interest.

To fulfill our commitment of making archery available to all, casual attendance is welcomed.  The Club offers aspiring archers the opportunity to attend a Come-N-Try or Beginners' Course. Details of these programs are covered elsewhere on this site. We have about 20 to 35 people generally attending our Sunday Come-N-Try shoots.

All sessions will be led by qualified coaches approved by the NSW Archery Society. An introductory session on the basics of archery shooting is always provided at your first attendance, with the Club providing all the necessary equipment.

Shooting Times and Location

We only shoot on Sundays.

Club members generally start shooting from about 9:00am – 3:00pm.

Come-N-Try and other casual shooters shoot from 10:15am - 12:30pm.

First time attendees are requested to be there by 10:15am to enable them to participate in the short introductory course which starts at 10:30am.  No pre-booking is required. However, if you have a party of 5 or more attending, prior notice through our club’s secretary is advised.  

Our Club is located at Latham Park on Moverly Road, Coogee. We provide the usual amenities, with refreshments including bottled water, available for purchase. All necessary archery equipment is provided by the Club.


The Sydney Bowmen Archery Club is affiliated with the Archery Society of NSW and Archery Australia and, as a registered club, is subject to all the policies that apply under these bodies.

The Club has strict safety rules which have helped to maintain an accident free history.



This program allows you to try out archery in safety, to see whether you like it and want to learn more. It is not intended to provide a systematic course of instruction.

Beginners’ Course

This is a 3 session course designed to provide a more in depth instruction on Archery Shooting and Safety Fundamentals.  More detailed information is provided under Programs Offered menu.

Casual Shooting

Once you have completed the Club’s introductory lesson, aspiring archers can shoot on a casual basis. No booking is required. Just turn up from about 10:15am on any Sunday. However, due to Archery Australia’s insurance conditions you must become a member after 4 casual attendances.


Age limit

The minimum age is 8 years old.



Adults - $15 per session.

Juniors (up to 18 yrs) - $10 per session.

All necessary equipment is supplied as part of these fees.



Members’ Shooting

The Club has over a 100 active members with up to 30 or so shooting on any Sunday from about 9.00am.

Our members shoot all kinds of bows, some with competition in mind, others purely for fun. The Club has a wide range of archers who shoot sighted recurve (the kind of bow you see used in Olympic events). Others shoot modern compound bows, and an increasing number are shooting traditional wooden and composite bows such as American Flat Bows, Mongolian, Korean recurve, traditional English longbows and even home-made bows. Some members also like to shoot modern equipment in the bare-bow style i.e. with the sights removed.

Members enjoy their own shooting range and participate in casual or locally organized competitions amongst themselves.


Archery for  disabled shooters

The Club is able to accommodate disabled archers and there is wheelchair access. 

If you have particular requirements please contact the Club Secretary in the first instance, to obtain further information, via Email: sydneybowmensecretary@gmail.com,


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