Held every Sunday - booking required

If you are just interested in trying out archery, you can attend the Come -N-Try program. This program allows you to try out archery in safety to see whether you like it and want to learn more. The Club conducts a short introductory lesson which provides you with the basics in understanding the fundamentals of archery and the steps involved in shooting arrows. It is not intended to provide a systematic course of instruction. However, it will give the basic skills and confidence to try your hand at archery.

The Club provides all the necessary equipment. If you have your own equipment by all means you are welcome to use it. However, compound bows over 40lbs are restricted to the members range.

As you will shoot outdoors, it is suggested that you bring suitable protection against the weather, especially in summer. It is also advised that you ware closed shoes. Sun protection is available from the club.

There is a minimum age requirement of 8 years of age. Parents are advised to remain with their children at all times during the archery session.

Session fees are $10 for school aged juniors and $15 for adults, payable on the day. No credit card facilities are available at the Club.

Bottled water is available for $1.



Once you have completed our introductory lesson you are welcome to attend on a casual basis. However, under the Archery of NSW policies, when you have completed 4 attendances you will be required to become a member. Forms and information are available at the Club. You can also join on line.

 No additional training sessions are required. However some casual coaching is generally provided while people are shooting and you are welcomed to ask as many questions as you like of club officials and experienced archers.

Fees are the same as for the introductory session.


NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (updated October 2021)

The Sydney Bowmen Beginners’ Course is designed as a hands-on practical way to gain basic archery skills in a fun and positive learning environment. By the end of the course you will have learned how to shoot a bow safely – and hit the target!

Each session runs for about 1.5 hrs hours and deals with a particular aspect of Archery. The course is conducted on 3 consecutive Sundays. Should you miss a session every effort will be made to cover the material you may have missed.


By the end of this 3 session course participants will:

  1. Acquire the fundamental steps to shooting a bow
  2. Learn and practice the archery safety rules
  3. Know and use the basic archery equipment


The course will be conducted at Latham Park, Moverly Road, South Coogee. 

To register your interest for a Beginners’ Course, you can email the Club Secretary: or talk to one of the club officials who will record your expression of interest in our register.


The minimum age is 8 years old. However, continuation in the course is subject to instructor assessment of the child’s physical ability and maturity.


The Beginner’s Course fee is $60, payable in advance. This covers the 3 session course tuition by qualified coaches, supply of archery equipment and temporary membership for insurance purposes. No EFTPOS facilities are available.


The Club will supply all the equipment and course material. Course participants should wear comfortable clothing and footwear, sun protection and hats. Bottled water may be purchased from the club.


Generally we shoot even in light rain conditions. Should the weather become more severe, then a decision to stop will be made as soon as practicable and participants will be informed asap.


A certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the course. This may be useful to show to other clubs should they require proof of archery training.