2016 City of Sydney Tournament

Shooting Lines


Recurve, Barebow and Traditional Bow Line


Compound Bow Line


Arrows in Flight


Longbow arrow in flight



Recurve arrow in flight




Display of Prizes


Recurve Archers


Recurve Archer Marsden Auerbach 


Frank Borg (Club President in action)


One of our lady Recurve Archers



Three recurve archers shooting together.


Compound Archers


Godfrey Davies with his compound bow


Another of our compound archers in action


Ben shooting his compound bow



Traditional Archers

Dave Hackney - shooting a replica Mongol Bow

Andy Firth takes aim with an English Longbow

Lew Ladd,with his home-made American Flat Bow


Bede Dwyer shooting Turkish Style


Mike Fouracre Shooting an American Longbow style take down.



Mike Foureacre tutoring one of our beginners


Some of our beginners getting to grips with recurve bows

Mike Fouracre tutors beginners

Video Clips